What is the impact of 10′-14′ deep aesthetically driven patio sunshade on daylighting quality inside the classrooms?



Submitted by:  Sukreet

Firm Name: Cuningham Group

ASHRAE Climate Zone: 7B

Building/Space Type:

  • Education

Who performed the simulation analysis?  

  • Architect - Internal Sustainability Personnel

What tools were used for the simulation analysis? 

  • Ecotect

What phase of the project was analysis conducted?  

  • Schematic Design

  • Design Development

What are the primary inputs of the analysis?  Different glazing configurations and specification, Surface reflectance, spacing and dimensions of pergola members

What are the primary outputs of the analysis?  Shading Analysis, sDA, ASE


List the investigations questions that drove your analysis process.

What’s the best glazing configuration that would optimize the mountain views, minimize glare and maximize good daylighting? What’s the spacing of pergola members to minimize direct sun glare inside the classroom till 2pm. How deep would the light penetrate with different glazing configurations?

How was simulation integrated into the overall design process?


How did you set up the simulation analysis and workflow?

The geometry was created in Ecotect and daylighting was analyzed using radiance and Daysim.

How did you visualize the results to the design team? What was successful about the graphics that you used to communicate the data?

The concept was explained with simple diagrams. Different options were analyzed using horizontal and vertical illumination planes to understand the impact.

Most importantly, what did you learn from the investigation?  How did simulation and its outputs influence the design of the project?