2019 Competition Recap

Graphics Winners – Honor Awards

Case Study Winners – Honor Awards

What is the Impact of Curtain Wall Window-Wall Ratio and Louvre Material on Lifetime Carbon and Construction Costs? Submitted by: Kevin He

What is the impact of structural system choice on lifecycle assessment and embodied carbon emissions? Submitted by: Thomas Gibbons // Firm Name: Eskew + Dumez + Ripple

What are the Carbon Emission Intensities (in lbsCO2/SF) of various structural assemblies? Submitted by: Kelsey Wotila

Graphics - Honorable Mentions

Case Studies - Honorable Mentions

What is the impact of fire station massing and orientation on annual energy use and daylight quantity/quality? Submitted by: John Nichols

What is the impact of data-driven bottom-up energy modelling approach on local-area energy planning? Submitted by: Joey Aoun // Firm Name: Foster + Partners

What is the impact of an office building massing geometry on the overall energy use across different climate zones? Submitted by: Olivier Brouard

What is the impact of insulation design on condensation risk in laboratory building enclosures? Submitted by: Mansi Dhanuka Firm Name: Jacobs