2023 Annual StaSIO Challenge

March 21, 2023 - June 12, 2023

Sample Questions
Format: What is the impact of <design variable> on <metric> ?
Example 1: What is the impact of window to wall ration on the thermally resiliency of a building?
Example 2: What is the impact of glazing visible light transmittance on daylight availability, peak cooling, and passive solar heating?
Example 3: What is the impact of envelope insulation type on operational and embodied carbon?
Example 4: What is the impact of exterior shading devices on energy consumption and thermal comfort?
Submission Guidelines

Welcome to the 2023 Annual StaSIO Challenge!

Join the StaSIO active community and get bragging rights by submitting your most impactful building performance simulation graphics to our Annual StaSIO Challenge.

The objective of this challenge is to grow our graphics library and show off your skills. This is a chance to have your contribution reviewed by peers in the industry and present your winning entry at the annual Building Performance Analysis Conference in Austin, TX.

Determine your question that aligns with the format and then submit your created graphic that best addresses your question.

Awards include:

Winner (one or more overall winners)

Student Winning Submission (special category for student graphics – please indicate in your submission if you’re a student.)

Honorable Mention (one or more outstanding submission on a particular criterion: clarity, innovation, insightfulness and/or aesthetic design)

2023 Annual Challenge Judges:

Dana Cupkova – Associate Professor | Carnegie Mellon University

Emir Pekdemir – Sustainable Design Analytics Lead | WSP

Siobhan Rockcastle – Assistant Professor of Architecture  |  University of Oregon

Vikram Sami – Director of Building Performance | Olson Kundig

Submissions will be judged based on the following criteria:

Clarity – The ability to convey complex information concisely

Innovation – Uniqueness of the graphic

Insightfulness – The effectiveness with which it is answering the question it was designed for

Aesthetic design – The overall composition of the graphic

Graphics should meet the following guidelines:

  • -No paragraphs
  • -No marketing material / submissions with company logos
  • -Clear and legible text
  • -High resolution graphics (ideally above 1080×1080 pixels)
  • -This competition is open to both individuals and project teams. Participants can submit one or more case studies or graphics through the online submission forms on Project StaSIO’s ‘Contribute’ page. Each participant can make multiple submissions and all submissions would be considered separately for the competition.
  • -As a part of the submission process, the participant is required to identify the building performance question that is being answered through the graphic or case study, or link to one or more of the sample questions defined on the ‘Questions Menu’ on the website.
  • -Please indicate if you are submitting as a student. We will also be awarding the best student submission.

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