2024 Annual Project StaSIO Challenge - Deadline 03.23.24

January 18, 2024 - March 31, 2024

Sample Questions
This competition is accepting submission on all topics related to high performance building design. We invite you to review published StaSIO graphics to get inspired. Some sample questions your submission may be addressing include:
    - What is the impact of massing on a building's embodied carbon?
    - What is the impact of heat recovery efficiency on cooling peak loads?
    - What is the impact of tress selection on outdoor pedestrian comfort?
Submission Guidelines

The objective of this competition is to catalyze crowd-sourced submissions to Project StaSIO.

For your submission, you will be required to identify the building performance question that is being answered through the graphic, by following the format What is the impact of <insert design variable> on <insert metric>?

The updated submission guidelines for the 2024 competition are:

    • Question format: The question submitted should follow the required format (be careful not to confuse design variables and metrics!)
    • Legibility: The graphic should be legible (upload only jpg, png, or gif graphics that are of high quality and high resolution)
    • Amount of text: The graphic should speak for itself: it should not have any titles or paragraphs elaborating on methodology, discussion, or conclusions. Conference-like poster submissions will not be accepted.
    • North arrow: The graphic, particularly if it involves any variables impacted by solar position or radiation, must have a visible north arrow.

Submissions will be judged based on the following four criteria:

    • Clarity: the graphic’s ability to convey complex information concisely
    • Innovation: the uniqueness of the graphic
    • Insightfulness: the effectiveness with which the graphic is answering the question it was designed for
    • Aesthetic design: the visual composition of the graphic

If you have any questions please reach out to our team!



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