Solar Shading and Building Performance

January 7, 2021 - February 8, 2021

Sample Questions
What is the impact of Building Massing on Solar Access?
What is the optimum window to wall ratio on each facade for beneficial solar gain?
What is the impact of west-facing shading options on optimizing building performance?
What is the impact of optimizing daylight access on beneficial solar gain?
Submission Guidelines
  • The objective is to catalyze crowd-sourced submissions to Project StaSIO through execution of an online competition for Project StaSIO’s two forms of submissions: 1) Graphic Outputs and 2) Case Studies. The competition would be open to organizations or individuals who want to submit through either of the paths.
  • This competition is open to both individuals and project teams. Participants can submit one or more case studies or graphics through the online submission forms on Project StaSIO’s ‘Contribute’ page. Each participant can make multiple submissions and all submissions would be considered separately for the competition.
  • As a part of the submission process, the participant is required to identify the building performance question that is being answered through the graphic or case study, or link to one or more of the sample questions defined on the ‘Questions Menu’ on the website.

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