We’re seeking to draw upon the collective wisdom of the simulation community by soliciting graphics examples and case studies. Click on the options below to be directed to an online form that will walk you through the submission process.  Our internal team will then review the submission within 2 weeks and reach out to you about including it on our website.

OPTION 1 – Submit a Single Graphic (CLICK HERE)

Our hope is to create—with your help—a diverse library of different types of outputs where the simulation community can learn from data visualization best practices and what insights they can provide in the design process.  Increasing our ability to communicate simulation data to clients, to the design team, and to each other can add to the overall value of energy modeling.  This effort can also start to suggest a standardization of certain types of graphics, including their outputs and inputs.

OPTION 2 – Submit a Case Study (CLICK HERE)

We are also building on the graphics library and aggregating full-blown energy modeling case studies that more fully articulate the value of early energy modeling in the design process.  Few inter-office, inter-disciplinary case study repositories exist that concisely depict the value of this type of analysis — too often case studies focus simply on what was analyzed, instead of what was learned from the simulation and how it ultimately affected the design of the project. This case study library will serve as a resource for those advocating to integrate energy modeling into their firms, or to simply provide a roadmap of what types of questions can be answered through simulation.