What is the impact of orientation options on solar gains?

Mohi Saxena - October 20, 2023

Medium span (30 seconds)

What is the impact of orientation options  on solar gains?

Project Location:

Simulation Scale:



What is this graphic showing? Describe the different parts of the graphic and how it communicates the data.

The graphic is showing the annual radiation that building receives at different orientation. The solar gains in the building will decrease as incident radiation is reduced. The percentage reduction has been calculated in relation to highest level of radiation (137MWh). This graphic clearly represents a 4% to 5 % reduction in radiation, achieved by orienting the building at 0° or 180° respectively because of longer axis in N-S axis.

What type of graphic is this?

  • Analysis grid

Design Variables

  • Window shading/sun control

Is this part of the ASHRAE-209 cycle?

What tools were used for the simulation analysis?

  • Design Builder
  • Excel

What tools did you use to create the graphic?

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

What was successful and/or unique about the graphic in how it communicates information?

The graphic shows the direct relation between the angle of orientation from north to the solar incident values in a parallel view to identify the reduction in solar gains. The graphic visually communicates the percentage difference between the radiation values, thus making it easy to derive a conclusion.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

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2023 Annual StaSIO Challenge
2023 Annual StaSIO Challenge

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